During your stay, you should enjoy some of our favorites restaurants:

In Contres (at 3 km away):

- Manoir de Contres (delightful)
tél:+33254784539 Call

- La botte d'asperges (traditional french dishes)
(take-away available)
tél:+33254795049 Call

In Cheverny (at 6 km away):

- Le Pinocchio (Pizzeria)
(take-away available)
tél:+33254799723 Call

- Le restaurant du golf de Cheverny (traditional cooking)
tél:+33254792302 Call

- La cour aux crèpes (creperie, must see restaurant)

In Cour-Cheverny (at 8 km away ):

- L'évidence (refined and inventive cuisine)
tél:+33254462382 Call

- Les trois marchands (really local dishes)
tél:+33254799644 Call

In Sassay (at 9 km away):

- Le bouchon de Sassay (pleasant and tasty)
(take-away available)
tél:+33254795338 Call

In Bracieux (at 15 km away):

- Le rendez-vous des gourmets (Master chief, gourmet cooking)
tél:+33254460387 Call

Online order:

- Japonese cooking
(Order must be done the day before, free delivery)